כְּסֵי, כְּסָאch. same, Part. pass. כְּסִי, f. כַּסְיָא hidden. Targ. 1 Sam. 3:1 כְּסִי Bxt. (ed. כַּסִּי, כַּסֵּי; h. text יקר). Targ. 2 Kings 6:8 (h. text פלני). Targ. Job 28:21. Targ. 2 Kings 6:9 כָּסָן (h. text נְחִתִּים). Pa. כַּסֵּי to cover, hide, conceal. Targ. O. Gen. 38:15 (Y. כעיסת). Ib. 47:18; a. fr.Part. pass. מְכַסָּא unknown, remote. Targ. 2 Kings 19:2. Targ. O. Lev. 4:13. Targ. 2 Sam. 13:2 (h. text ויפלא); a. e.Sabb.156b כַּסִּי רישיךוכ׳ keep thy head covered in order that the fear of the Lord may rest upon thee. Ib. 125a לכַסּוּיֵי בהווכ׳ to cover a nuisance with it. Gen. R. s. 52, (read as:) Yalk. ib. 91 וכסי עיניך מינאי and close thine eye from upon me, i. e. take the indulgence money. Taan.25a רקיע … כסי פניך ולא אִיכַּסִי ‘cover thy face, O sky, but the sky was not covered. Ḥull.87a אפשר … ומְכַסֵּי בחדא he may kill with one hand and cover (the blood) with the other; a. fr. Ithpa. אִיתְכַּסִּי, אִיכַּסִּי to be covered, hidden; to cover ones self; to conceal ones self, withdraw. Targ. Y. Gen. 20:16. Targ. Y. Lev. 4:13. Targ. Gen. 18:14 (h. text יפלא, v. supra); a. fr.Targ. Ps. 139:6 מִכַּסְיָא.Taan. l. c., v. supra. Ib. 23a א׳ מעינא וניםוכ׳ he disappeared and slept seventy years. Keth.63a שאילי … ואִיכַּסָּאִי borrow some garments and dress thyself; a. fr.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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